07 January 2015

Glance Ov Decimation

Artist : Glance Ov Decimation
Genre : Metal
From : Denpasar, Bali
Twitter : @GODdeath
Facebook : Glance Ov Decimation
Reverbnation : Glance Ov Decimation

Biografi :
Glance Ov Decimation is a Balinese Blackened Thrash Metal band from Denpasar city, the band was found by Hendra Adi Sukrayasa who is known as Sukro, the Ex-Bassist also the founder of hardcore band named "Overvile". The band members was gathered on 17'th October 2013 in the Lead Guitarist's house, Nanda and was united on 19'th October 2013. The band consist with a Lead Guitar that taken by "Nanda", Rhythm taken by "Made Kopi", "Sukro" as the Bassist, "Mencul" as the Drummer, CJ as the Second Vocal and Adhe as the Lead Vocal.

Glance Ov Decimation means the Prophecy Of Murder, depending in Bali's underground's bands that mainly consist the theme of "Death", so they took death metal genre as the main genre, but combined with few metal genres characteristic's such as Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Slamming Death Metal, but later the band labeled themselves as Blackened Thrash Metal. The Band actualy was named as "Blood Riffle" that the EX-overvile members "Tu Adi" have chosen, but they though it was not cool or scary and even it sounded like a Hardcore band, so they decided to change it, and they agreed one of few names that offered by "Adhe" that is "Gospel ov Darchén. But later they changed it again because they didn't like the "Darchén" word, but they still wanted to keep the shortened from "G.O.D" and they found the new name, it is Glance Ov Decimation that given by "Adhe", and that's how the band's foundation "

Song :

Personil :
- CJ
- Nanda
- Surkro
- Mencul
- Made Kopi
- Adhe

CP :
085792343707 | Pin : 7D793FA2

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