22 October 2013

Room 401

Artis : Room 401
Genre : Metalcore
From : Denpasar, Bali
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Biografi : It begins with listening to music on their hobbies wing metal / core. because it is not satisfied just to listen to it, an obsession to play rock music was incurred. Finally they agreed to form a band and began to train themselves to be able to play rock music homage to metal / core. Yes, even though it autodidac, but it did not make They were afraid to go ahead and plunge into the world of music.

Anggota :
Tegar Bawa Suputra - Scream
Tudey Hendra - Guitar
Kana Madesha - Guitar
Eka Dawegtz - Bass/Vocal
Dika Abi Pratama - Drum

Song :

The band was formed at "ROOM" that often they use their brains to make the event a transaction, the date "4", month "1", in 2010 and they formed their band is starting from "0" to be able to step into the next stage, from the explanation that band is named ROOM [401].


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