26 October 2012

Rose Of Sharyn

Artis : Rose Of Sharyn
Genre : Metalcore
From : Denpasar, Bali
Facebook : Rose Of Sharyn
Twitter : Rose Of Sharyn
Reverbnation : Rose Of Sharyn

Anggota : 

- Gunk Bram (Vocal)
- Agus (Guitar)
- Gery (Guitar)
- Subak (Bass)
- Pasek (Drum)

Song : 
1. Rose Of Sharyn - Ksatria Ordo Tuhan
2. Rose Of Sharyn - Fakta Kuasa Regresif
3. Rose Of Sharyn - Paradigma Baptisasi

4. Rose Of Sharyn - Careless
(Play and Download)

Biografi : 
We are a group of young people who need space and place to appreciate and shed all our emotions and in 2006 the problem is bound together in a band called ROSE OF SHARYN this is finally a place to anchor all the emotions that have long been silenced in the hallway of our wildest soul, and burned through the art of music called metalcore

(Metal Hardcore)

-Jabat Erat-

Booking/Publicity/ Promotions/Management/Endorsements::
Respect Entertainment

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