14 November 2013

The Hydrant

Artis : The Hydrant
Genre : Rockabilly
From : Bali, Indonesia
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The Hydrant
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The Hydrant

Biografi :
The Hydrant was formed in Denpasar Bali, 14 August 2004, at the first time played and composed many pure Rockabilly tunes. “4 – piece” band with 50’s outfit were born in Denpasar, soon became the only and the first Rockabilly band in Indonesia. That was Wis, the guitar player, was introduced to Marshello,and finally created a very good vibe for music scene in Bali and Indonesia as well. The aim was one, to play and to introduce Rockabilly music all over Indonesia, Most of The Hydrant’s influences are from 50’s Rock and Roll and Rockabilly such as Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash and Stray Cats. Knowing Bali as a very famous tourism destination, specially Kuta, Rockabilly music and lifestyle easily and suddenly transferred to these 4 boys’ soul. They have been writing their songs in English and Indonesia.

Anggota :
- Marshello (Vocal)
- Wis (Guitars)
- Christopper (Stand up drum)
- Adi (Upright bass) 

Song :
1. The Hydrant - Easy Come Easy Go
The Hydrant - Bali Bandidos (Download)
3. The Hydrant - The Road Of My Life (Download)

4. The Hydrant - Sisir Opa (Download)

After Bali bomb blast, The Hydrant made a very important decision, that they had to do something for Bali trough songs and music. The were participate in many album compilations dedicated for Bali bomb blast victims. On 2006 they had a record contract with Electrohell Record, the indie recording company in Bali. Saturday Night Riot was released on that year and that was the first Rockabilly album in Indonesia!.

The Hydrant made the very first debut appearance in Jakarta after the first album released, and gotattention many major record labels. With a fresh style for Indonesia music scene, very cool 50’s outfit, big greasy hair and outstanding stage performance, everybody was so shocked. The Hydrant had a style that never happened in Indonesia that time. The sound, the rhythm was rock solid yet loose, the singer was “Black Elvis”, the stand up drummer, the big bass, and the guitar playing demanded respect, elegant yet hard, jazzy yet completely rocking.

The Hydrant signed their second album with major record label EMI Music Indonesia, Rockabilly Live! in 2007. Even they only had 1 album contract, that wasn’t such a big thing to tackle their passion for this musical form called Rockabilly.

After a very hard year on 2008, 2 old band members, Zio and Morris were decided to resign, and it was a very difficult time for The Hydrant. Finally two brothers of the last men standing, Marshello and Wis, join the band! They are Christopper and Adi, a very talented musicians now become a new members of The Hydrant. Rockabilly still on, with 2 new members made The Hydrant more and more exciting, on 2009 a very Mexican Dark

Rockabilly album finally released, Bali Bandidos. Once again, this album is something different, Rolling Stone, one of the best magazine in the world made a very positive review for this album. The opportunity to show this good music and positive vibe will never stop, July 2009 the 4-piece Bandidos were invited to the big music festival in Europe, Bazant Pohoda which is in Slovakia, and once again the band made a very beautiful impression to European audiences.

Discography :

- Saturday Night Riot (2006 – no longer available)
- Rockabilly Live! (2007 – no longer available)
- Bali Bandidos (2009)
- Dirty Thirty (2011) Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6Vbn_dfbgc

Video "The Hydrant - Bali Bandidos"

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