28 June 2012


Artis : Yehoranesy
Genre : Metal/Metalcore
From : Denpasar, Bali
Facebook :
Twitter : @YEHORANESY_
Reverbnation :


Anggota :
- Fadjar Sapoetra - Vocals
- Waykson Siagian - Guitars
- Bayu Dipastria - Guitars
- Eka Saputra - Bass
- Prayoga Raharja - Drums

Song :
Yehoranesy - Kematian Martyr (Download)
Yehoranesy - Promo Demo 2012 (Download)

Biografi :
Yehoranesy is a band that came from a small town in Lukluk, Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia. Formed on Oct 26th, 2006 and from the time of his established to date, Yehoranesy still remain loyal to carry the genre of Metal. Yehoranesy name itself is an extension of the word 'RA' which means the Sun God (supreme god of Ancient Egyptians). However, it is quite thick highly symbolic meanings associated with the abstain of god and also a symbol of Paganism and The Luciferian, we also changed the meaning of Yehoranesy become "the God of War from Ancient Egyptians" that seem epic and far from its true meaning.

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