12 November 2013

Waiting For Daylight

Artis : Waiting For Daylight
Genre : Rock Classic / Alternative
From : Denpasar, Bali
Facebook : Waiting For Daylight
Twitter : Waiting For Daylight
Reverbnation : Waiting For Daylight

Biografi :
Let us introduce this band first, this band was formed about 2 years ago with name "BLACK ROSE DYING"with 5 personnel , because there was a case of some personnel of our band, then the "BLACK ROSE DYING" was vacuum about a few months. Enot (lead guitar), Zona (rythem), and my self Bayu (vocals), trying to exist, we covering a few songs with acoustic versions.With time flows and the desire to keep trying to build our band back. So, we try to look for new personnel for our band. And in 14 February 2011 we decided to rename the band into "WAITING FOR DAYLIGHT" by alternative/rock music stream.

Anggota :
- Bayoe ( Vocal )
- Enotz ( Lead Guitar )
- Poyox " Dewa Gde Wisnu Putra " ( Bass )

Song :
1. Waiting For Daylight - Message For A Friend : (Download)
2. Waiting For Daylight - Angels Beside Me : (Download)
3. Waiting For Daylight - Away Back To Home : (Download)

"WAITING FOR DAYLIGHT" Consists of 3 personnel with a different genre. There are :
Enot (lead guitar)
Poyox (bassist)
Bayu (vocal).

"Waiting for daylight's" Influence had come from all the great bands from the world, such as Saosin, The Used, Story Of The Years, finch, etc.

We hope can be accept by the public and especially in our home town Bali. What we need is support and a lot of friends not more enemies.Because the differences can make things more colorful. with all the limitations we want to remain creative.keep support indie music !! 

Circa Survive - Act Appaled ( Acoustic Cover )

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