17 December 2013

Error Scream

Artis : Error Scream
Genre : Grindcore 
From : Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 
Facebook : Error Scream 
Myspace : Error Scream 

Error Scream, this Denpasar (Bali) based grindcore band has performing fast grind with vast musical influence from punk to metal since their very first performance in March of 2008 up until now. The band is four metal bad asses, by name: Wahyu (scream, vocal fry, death growls [you named it, he can do it all] with warm smiling). Boy (lead guitar, growl, arak drinking grind outlaw, joint ritual cult). Krishna (low bass high mind). Tony (blast beat how high school).

The band just want to stay high in the grindcore genre but also contains the insanity yet violence of modern man and heavy yet meaningful moments of personal life. The (on progress) first album musically delivering insane drumming, distorted guitars, low bass, and senseless death growls right before your ears and also contain (the left and right wing would say) subversive lyric that based on daily life experience.

- Wahyu - Scream Growling
- Boy - Distortion
- Krishna - Low Bass
- Tonny13 - Drums 

Song :
1. Error Scream - Grind Your System (Download) 

Unfortunately, on the process of the mixing and mastering the album, Wahyu left the band. For some time the band stuck in the moment, doing nothing but life their own live. Until one day, Krishna and Boy meet this guy, friend of the band, Keta, who just back from Jogjakarta-Central Java. The band ask him to helping to take over vocal position, through the hard days and night of rehearsal, bottles of arak (traditional Bali liquor), and joint ritual cult, he join the band since December 27 2011.. and than long story after...Gede Busuk ex Vocalis of MediaGila (Death Metal Band) come and give more spirit for the band! nowadays he ready to scream and growl since February 2,2013!!

Musically, the band takes the audiences trance in the dark, heavy life of their own. Lyrically, the band takes the listeners behind the scene of global tragedy experienced on daily basis. Error Scream has been active since the very beginning and still looking for the possibilities to conquer the new territories, still in the name of grindcore. With the renewed line up, Error Scream expect to smash as many stage as the personal schedule allows to make sure, that all the punks, hardcore, grind, metal, death, crust, and whatever heads will see them playing live. GRIND OVER THE WORLD !!!! 73 RULES

Video Error Scream - Agama Bukan Senjata

Video Error Scream VS Trojan

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