23 July 2011

The Refugee

Artis : The Refugee
Genre : Punk Rock
From : Denpasar - Bali
Facebook : The refugee
Myspace : The Refugee

1. The Refugee - Bersulang (Punk Rock Bali).mp3
2. The Refugee - Bintangku.mp3
3. The Refugee - Complicated.mp3
4. The Refugee - In Silent.mp3
5. The Refugee - Pergi.mp3
6. The Refugee - Solitude.mp3
7. The Refugee - Suddenly.mp3

The Refugee was formed by Pal (ex-The Revolty 1998 - 2000) and Agusucx(ex-Dogshit) on mid 2007. had known each other since we were a bunch of new rookies class of 2001, at English Letter Faculty Extension Program Udayana University, BALI- INDONESIA. We were previously members of Neversoft (2001-2007) (was supposed to be a melodic punkrock band), which for some reasons it is not exist anymore (what a pity..)

Not bad, as a flash back to remember the past when we listen at that fucking EP sometimes. Too scared to lose punkrock musical idea, we decided to form a new band and recruit Qyut as drummer, Qyut is a quite talented drum player (much better than the slow fat agusucx) and amazingly Qyut adapt himself faster than we thought with his drum beats and brought us to the new journey with The Refugee.

Although until now, we don't get any idea why we called the new one as The Refugee (I guess Pal way much inspired by Rise Against) we still keep going and had recorded 4 songs of our own in a demo cd (Solitude) as you can download freely above. At the moment we are still in progress of 3 new songs. One of it is about our disagreement of beach sand take over at Geger Beach in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia which surely (even a stupid person knows) it will cause a new beach abrasion (inform me if my wordings are not correct). We hope everybody will fight for the rejection of this illegal activity. Save Bali!!

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