26 April 2014


Artis : Parau
Genre : Metal
From : Denpasar, Bali
Facebook : Parau
Twitter : @Parau666
Reverbnation : Parau 
Web : www.parauisme.com

Info :
One of the best bands from Bali, mixing melodic metalcore beats with elements of death metal. Good sound quality and interesting compositions has made this band become the pride of the Bali music scene. When first formed in September 30th 2002, Parau was heavily influenced by hardcore music. and in 2006 they managed to release their debut album titled "Surga Bencana". Along the way, Parau was also involved in several compilation albums in both Bali and Indonesia wide.

Anggota :
- Ghigox - Vockill
- Onche - Bass
- Gusde - Guitar
- Teguh - Guitar
- Utha - Drum

After undergoing several member changes, a stronger, more mature Parau appeared. A breakthrough was made by extending their element and including an element of metal in their music. Each individual member’s musical taste also influenced the band’s direction which consequently produced music with heavy distortion and a stomping beat that gives the listener an intense adrenaline rush. Amongst the personal playlists of the band members were bands like Ark Angel, Pantera, Metallica, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Necrophagist and The Faceless. These bands were so influential that eventually Parau’s music evolved to pure metal.

Song :

The recipe for Parau’s music is quite specific: the lyrics are sensitive and intelligent, commenting on horizontal relationships among humans, humans with nature, as well as vertically between man and our Creator. Sensitivity to the reality of the situation and the wheels of human life are the main ingredients for Parau in the creation of their songs, which are basically a response to concerns about our way of life.

The second album "Somatoform" was released in 2010 by Armstretch Records. With 11 social-themed songs, the album was done with a very serious and mature attitude, both from the arrangement, composition, and quality of sound, to the album cover artwork. This long awaited album has been received well, with a great response from fans and the public.

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