23 July 2011


Artist : Jeanie
Album : Perfect Glory
Genre : Hard Rock
Country : Indonesia, Bali
Facebook : Jeanie
MySpace : Jeanie 

1. Bego Loe Download 
2. Fight For Your Love  Download 
3. Jangan Setengah Hati  Download 
4. Virtial Angel  Download 
5. Manusia Tak pernah Puas Download

JEANIE is one of Indonesia's indie rock bands that formed 11 years ago. In our musical development, Jeanie mostly influented by 80s-90s hair metal bands like Motley Crue, GNR, Metallica, Aerosmith and also the newest hard rock band, Velvet Revolver. After so many years developing and growing our musics and mixed our taste Jeanie growth as a hard rock band with a vintage but hard sounds in a medium beat. It all can be heard in our album PERFECT GLORY.

Video Jeanie

Video Jeanie - Petarung Sejati

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